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Drilling Services Company

Every building starts with a strong foundation—as does every customer relationship. In the construction industry, that foundation begins with the drilled shafts that reach deep into the ground to support the structures above. You might think a hole in the ground is more or less a commodity—and you would be right, to a point. What really matters is the crew that does the drilling. Because if you’re in the business of underground construction, you’re used to surprises. It’s how you handle them that wins repeat business from your customers. Cohesion developed a marketing position and message that demonstrates how—when things go wrong—it pays to have hired the right company.

Based on solid upfront discovery, Cohesion found that beyond the services this company provided, its real value to customers was a plain-speaking, diligent focus on getting the job done right. Day after day; decade after decade.

Which is how we arrived at the positioning: Down To Earth. A concept that speaks both to the work this company does, and the incredibly unique way they do it.