When Citicorp and Travelers merged to create Citigroup, Citibank Mortgage was tasked with rebranding itself to fit the new corporate architecture. Cohesion rebranded the company as CitiMortgage and built a position that created unique equity for the new subsidiary, while staying closely tied to the parent brand. Citigroup was built to be a cross-selling engine, with every financial service available under one roof. Cohesion positioned the new CitiMortgage as the center of the consumer financial relationship—a springboard into every other Citigroup financial product and service. CitiMortgage has since grown to become one of the nation’s largest consumer mortgage lenders, with double-digit growth in many years. As the foundation consumer relationship, CitiMortgage has become a feeder source for other Citigroup brands, such as Smith Barney, Citi Home Equity and Primerica. (See work examples, here.)