Is Your Message Too Complex?

If yours is like many of the complex organizations we work with, your messaging faces a vast array of audiences, issues and internal brand architecture. Which means that creating individual messaging for brands, products and services can be quite a challenge. Unfortunately, many organizations tend to create individual messaging that, 1) attempts to communicate complexity […]

Our Business: Marketing Direction

Since 1999, Cohesion has focused on the development of positioning, messaging and strategic narratives for a wide range of Fortune 500 and many smaller organziations. Ours is the business of marketing direction: a strategic niche different from research firms, marketing agencies, design companies and digital shops. Our highest value is at the very beginning of the marketing value […]

What’s Your C-Suite Story?

The worlds of brand, marketing, technology, PR, social media and internal communications are colliding at an astonishing rate. As the tools we use to disseminate information become scattered and less personal, the opposite is true for the message itself. No where is this more true than in C-suite messaging. Employees, suppliers, partners and customers have […]

Selling Brand Evolution To The C-suite

Still can’t convince management they should upgrade your brand? Try these 6 arguments. Earlier this year, Brand Finance released its annual study: “Global 500: The most valuable brands of 2017.” The study reports that the monetary value of the Google brand increased to $109.5 billion last year, representing a year-over-year increase of 24%. Google is […]

Finding The Few, Critical Words That Define Your Purpose.

Maybe it’s a mission, or vision statement. Perhaps its a brand positioning, or tagline. Maybe you need a new descriptor line to define a category that has shifted, changed or evolved. In all of these instances (and for many more situations), the need is clear: Summarize business direction, business opportunity and human appeal into a few, […]

Why You Need To Evolve Your Brand.

Why You Need To Evolve Your Brand. Brand positioning is about finding relevance. If you don’t currently have it, it’s time to find it. We work with a number of clients that are completely comfortable with their existing brand identity and design, but know they need to shift their positioning and/or tagline and the infrastructure of the […]

When Do Clients Hire Cohesion?

Since 1999, Cohesion has worked with clients across the country to build, strengthen and manage brand assets and marketing strategies. During that time, our firm has learned a lot about the key brand and marketing needs of clients and the issues that impact them most. How to frame them; how to solve them. Below, are […]

Meet The Tagline Experts.

No firm has more expertise than Cohesion in the development of successful positioning lines.  While many firms give lip service to this critical marketing element, the science and art behind the development of positioning lines (which sometimes become Tag Lines) have slowly eroded. Today, long-term critical thinking and solid writing have too often given way to poorly […]

People Don’t Trust Sponsored Content. Surprised?

[Originally published on LinkedIn Pulse.] Ever met a really good salesperson? Never? C’mon, think hard. How about the kid at the store who took you right to the coffee maker you needed. Or, the lawn guy who just happened to show up on the day you moved in. But they weren’t really selling, you say […]

Building Brands From the Inside, Out.

In a seminal Harvard Business Review article, entitled, “Are The Strategic Stars Aligned For Your Corporate Brand?”, authors Mary Jo Hatch and Majken Schulz pointed to the shift in product-driven (external) brand thinking to more comprehensive, corporate brand thinking that seeks to drive and align internal brand with external brand, through three points of alignment: Vision, Culture […]