The Problem With Hiring A Design (Or Digital) Firm To Build Your Brand.

Maybe, you’re thinking about hiring a design and/or digital firm to ‘brand’ your company, product, or service. Because their ‘stuff’ looks nice. And certainly, you need stuff. Because they’ll start with the things you say you need. A strong visual identity. A logo. A tagline. A system of colors and typefaces. A refreshed website. Initially, […]

Brands Are Dead. Or, Are They?

“Brands Are Dead,” according to Jonathan Salem Baskin, who wrote, “Branding Only Works On Cattle.” In a post from the blog, ‘Business Pundit,’ Mr. Baskin says, among other things, “Nobody carries brands around in their heads. Nobody has a relationship with a brand. Or lives a brand lifestyle. Brands aren’t conversations, and they’re not bought, possessed, or […]

Why Most Companies Don’t Trust Agencies To Develop Marketing Strategy.

Why Most Companies Don’t Trust Agencies With Marketing Strategy. “Clients complain that agencies don’t think or act strategically enough, that they don’t come to clients with a case about how the proposed approach will help them gain market share, increase volume, or otherwise steal sales from their competitors.  They complain that agencies don’t know their […]

“But They They Expect Me To Do All The Thinking and Work, Internally.”

“But They Put Me In Charge Of The Brand, Internally. That Means They Expect Me To Do All The Thinking and Work.” Maybe. But in our experience, we have found that most companies have hired brand, marketing and other communications staff to successfully manage brand efforts, not necessarily develop all the strategic thinking. While management’s initial […]

10 Signs That You Need To (Re)Develop Your Brand Effort.

  Do any of these sound familiar to your organization? We lack consistency and direction with our brand positioning, marketing message and communications materials. We have a disconnect (and lack of collaboration) between sales and marketing: our culture and current way of doing things seems to be limiting our performance. We have a limited marketing […]

Top 5 Reasons Companies Undertake Brand Development/Refresh Efforts

Since 1999, Cohesion has been engaged in dozens, upon dozens of brand development and redevelopment efforts. In our experience, here are the top five (5) reasons that organizations most often undertake these efforts: Top 5 Reasons: Merger or acquisition; The need to insulate the organization from growing competition; A response to competitive moves; A need […]

Mission, Vision & Value Proposition Development

Mission, Vision & Value Proposition Development Because much of our strategy work centers on bridging business, marketing and ancillary communications efforts, Cohesion is often engaged to help companies and organizations develop all, or portions of their Mission, Vision and Values (Proposition) effort. Here are the steps and tools we utilize in these engagements: Develop a […]

Does Your Hospital Have A Differentiated Brand, Or Is It A Collection Of ‘Me-Too’ Services?

One of the most common marketing problems (and opportunities) facing hospitals today is that many view (and market) themselves not as a singular, comprehensive brand, but rather, as a collection of all the services they offer. Many focus their energy on communicating ‘all that they have,’ rather than than a focused point of view that […]