Brand Expansion: The Heart & Vascular Institute

New marketing work in our comprehensive¬†effort to evolve the St. Anthony’s brand. Click on the print ad to hear new radio.

Does Your Hospital Have A Differentiated Brand, Or Is It A Collection Of ‘Me-Too’ Services?

One of the most common marketing problems (and opportunities) facing hospitals today is that many view (and market) themselves not as a singular, comprehensive brand, but rather, as a collection of all the services they offer. Many focus their energy on communicating ‘all that they have,’ rather than than a focused point of view that […]

Missouri Baptist Medical Center

Missouri Baptist had a health issue of its own: declining brand preference. Because the hospital had never built a true position in a highly-competitive market, better positioned brands were taking the lead. And yet, former patients ranked Missouri Baptist as one of the best for advanced medicine and quality of care. The hospital had a […]