If you seek the status quo, we’re not the answer. But if you face change, and your brand needs transformation, you’ve happened onto the right firm.

Since 1999, Cohesion has been helping hospitals and healthcare organizations better establish and leverage corporate and subsidiary brands. A hybrid strategy consultancy and traditional marketing agency, Cohesion is primarily focused on developing brand, marketing, communications, public relations/social media, sales and training platforms and efforts.

Many ‘creative’ firms have stumbled into healthcare. Agencies, design firms and video production companies alike have found that healthcare is fertile ground for soft, and often beautiful creative execution. Unfortunately, much of this work is strategically ungrounded and poorly positioned.

Every good healthcare organization we know boasts some blend of ‘high tech’ and ‘high touch.’ But what makes yours truly different? What can you own? How can you leverage the equity of a true brand?

8 Steps To Re-Building A Hospital Brand

Our healthcare focus has spanned the country, for a wide range of B2C and B2B clients including: Humana, Cardinal Health, Shawnee Mission Medical Center, St. Anthony’s, Sigma-Aldrich, Amerinet, and many more. (See the list, below.)

Perhaps your organization could use a stronger business-to-brand strategy. A more grounded marketing and communications foundation. An improved way to translate core messaging to patient and would-be patient loyalty. A more relevant and differentiated brand position.

Do you need to differentiate, develop and grow your business? Call Cohesion.

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A Partial Listing of Our Healthcare Clients Since 1999: