SIH Medical Group

(Click on above graphic to view larger version.) For years, many people in Southern Illinois believed that if their healthcare need was serious, they’d have to travel outside the area to find better care. St. Louis. Cape Girardeau. Paducah. Evansville. Or farther. Cohesion was engaged to develop a new brand positioning, messaging platform and identity for […]


How do you reposition the leading commercial metric fastener master distributor? Well, when the stated business objective is to move from selling not just metric fasteners, but ‘inch’ fasteners, as well, it makes sense to drive that simple point with a heavy dose of brand equity and credibility. Cohesion helped Lindstrom, a 40-plus-year-old, B2B brand, […]

MasterCard (Global Technology & Operations)

As many as 40 million times a day, people around the world use MasterCard. And every transaction is processed in one place: the Global Technology and Operations Center. It is the operational heart of MasterCard—and one of the main reasons why the brand is so trusted. While a typical transaction might seem simple at the […]

CitiMortgage (div. Citigroup)

When Citicorp and Travelers merged to create Citigroup, Citibank Mortgage was tasked with building a new subsidiary brand to fit the new corporate architecture. Cohesion helped rebuild the brand as CitiMortgage and developed a position that created unique equity for the new subsidiary, while staying closely tied to the parent brand. Citigroup was built to […]

Brand Expansion: The Heart & Vascular Institute

New marketing work in our comprehensive effort to evolve the St. Anthony’s brand. Click on the print ad to hear new radio.

St. Anthony’s

In late 2013, Cohesion became the agency-of-record for St. Anthony’s, a community health system brand in St. Louis County. During a two-year period, Cohesion has been instrumental in helping drive revenue and reputation for a redesigned Emergency Department (12% volume increase), successfully launching a new Heart & Vascular Institute and revitalizing SAPO, the center’s physician organization. Perhaps more important, we developed […]

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Winchester: The Red ‘W’ Club

  How do you extend a brand that carries more equity than the products it serves? Cohesion was given this assignment by Winchester Ammunition a few years ago. Our research found something interesting: Decades ago, a single red “W” hanging over a door or in a store window simply meant “quality products sold here.”  Winchester, […]

Independent Schools of Greater St. Louis

  Cohesion developed the positioning, “The Most We Can Do For Our Children,” for the Independent Schools of Greater St. Louis (ISSL), more than 15 years ago. As a tribute to the power of strong, relevant positioning, the line and concept are still in use today.


  Volvo: Re-Discovering a Brand Position The above outdoor board not only won several national awards (including a CLIO), it helped increase sales in a major metro market by 200% over a six-month period. Utilizing a strategy that leveraged Volvo’s lessening, but known, position of ‘safety,’ we developed a creative and media strategy that hit (pun […]