No firm has more expertise than Cohesion in the development of successful positioning lines. While many firms give lip service to this critical marketing element, the science and art behind the development of positioning lines (which sometimes become Tag Lines) have slowly eroded. Today, long-term critical thinking and solid writing have too often given way to poorly grounded strategy and in-the-moment colloquialisms.

But a true positioning line is something far more substantial. Positioning lines represent the summary of all a brand is. What is has been and what it intends to be. Developed properly, these lines are the conduit between internal brand belief and external brand growth.

And no firm has a stronger and more successful history of developing these key lines. Artfully crafted and succinctly stated, positioning lines make the complex, simple and the difficult, understood.

Since 1999, Cohesion has successfully helped position more than 120 companies and brands. Here are just a few of the positioning lines (and taglines) that have resulted from that work: