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Focused On The Building Blocks Of Building Brands.

Since 1999, Cohesion has worked with Fortune 500 and smaller companies across the country to create differentiation and relevance for brands, products, services and companies. We consider ourselves ‘marketing architects’ — working to develop the foundation elements (blueprints, platforms and initial brand expression) for successful, long-term brand, marketing and communications efforts. 

Cohesion is a brand solutions company that can work as a project specialist to solve specific brand, marketing and communications challenges, or as an agency to guide, develop and manage brands over time. We help clients build and manage clear, concise and compelling communications direction for the many critical issues that need it: businesses, brands, sales, products and services, key issues, internal communications and more.

For a list of capabilities and services, please visit here.

To learn more about Cohesion and our approach, please contact Brian Creath, Managing Principal at, or at 314-276-5383. You can also visit our Engage area if you’d like to discuss your current situation in a bit more detail.