A Brand & Messaging Consultancy

Founded in 1999, Cohesion is a consulting firm that helps Fortune 500s / Global 2000s and mid-market companies better define, leverage and manage their brand and marketing efforts. Our work works because it is born from in-depth, qualitative research, simple frameworks, and proven methodologies. Cohesion has successfully positioned (and developed the messaging for) more than 150 businesses, brands, products and services.

We focus on the critical work of marketing structure, brand positioning, strategic direction, communications architecture and message development — the initial work that happens before and behind the development of design, creative and digital execution. The foundation work that guides marketing technology and tools to work more consistently and efficiently. The more complex the challenge, the better our approach works.

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We are engaged by clients across the country on a variety of fronts: Brand strategy, positioning and development efforts. Vision, values and mission work and the development of strategic narratives. Product, service and concept launches and re-launches. Communications/messaging platforms and architecture. Creative direction and development. For some clients, we are also engaged on a longer-term retainer basis to manage and steward multiple strategies and projects.

While we are sometimes sought out through a traditional Request for Proposal process, we are more often engaged through exclusive and direct contact by the organization that faces a critical business change, including, but not limited to: New Senior Management, Mergers, Aquisitions, Divestitures and Major Competitive Moves.

Today, Cohesion boasts an impressive array of Fortune 500 and midsized clients across the US. We are a purposely small group of versatile experts that take enormous pride in our innate ability to distill complex situations into simple and elegant solutions: whether we’re providing those for a Fortune 500 company’s corporate brand effort, a new product launch, or the marketing effort of a small business.