Is Marketing Losing Its Value In Your Organization?

In the past few years, we have recognized a disturbing trend not always obvious to many companies: Marketing is losing its perceived value. Fueled to a great extent by technology, this trend can be attributed to many factors, resulting first and foremost in the growing separation between business and marketing strategy. It’s a trend being fueled by […]

The Truth: Leveraging Brand Authenticity.

As the the marketing power shift from company to consumer accelerates, one thing seems to be crystal clear: In the future, companies that tell the truth–where words mirror action–will succeed more often than those that don’t. Customers simply won’t buy anything less. But there’s a problem. A problem so dark and secret that few would dare […]

Are they delivering the right story, right now?

Every day, your company’s reputation and its sales potential are influenced not only by the conversations taking place in controlled sales and marketing environments, but by the complex network of seemingly small discussions that take place over coffee and cocktails, at football and soccer games, and yes, on Facebook and Twitter. Some organizations cringe at […]

A 210% Return on Marketing Investment.

Columbia University initiated a study with more than 20 other universities, concluding that businesses are losing millions each year trying to develop ways to increase sales and improve their company’s image…because they attempt to do it themselves. “Our study showed that companies, in fear of draining money out of their budget, decided not to outsource […]