Video is a highly personal – and effective — way to communicate your mission, vision and values. Perhaps your organization includes the value ‘Compassion’ in its set of core values – wouldn’t a well-crafted patient/provider/caregiver video be a more compelling way to showcase ‘Compassion’ than simply describing it in a two-line written message?

Journalists value video. One-fourth of journalists visit an online newsroom every day, and another fourth visit one every week. If you have an online newsroom, publishing videos is a way to get your messaging in front of those reporters.

Videos can explain complicated concepts in understandable ways. Issues, procedures and outcomes all can be handled through video. Such videos are useful education tools and attractive content for hospital and health system websites.

Patient testimonials are even more powerful on camera. Part of our craft is telling stories, and videos help us do that. Video gives your organization a human face. Like any large organization, hospitals and healthcare systems can feel impersonal. But a hospital is an extremely personal place, filled with caregivers who entered the medical field because of a strong desire to impact patient’s lives. Featuring those caregivers on video is one way to capture their dedication and share it with your community.

We invite you to explore how Cohesion can help your healthcare organization use video to craft and tell a better brand story. And better yet, to increase loyalty with the many communities you serve.