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Agency-of-Record & Retained Consulting Services from Cohesion: Engaging our expertise on an affordable, ongoing basis.

More and more, the organizations we work with face a common dilemma. While many larger companies have built substantial internal departments, they have often opted for technicians over generalists. Tacticians over strategists. With squeezed budgets and the increasing need to create more relevance and purpose for their marketing efforts, these organizations face the challenge of working through long- and mid-term strategic brand and marketing issues with inexperienced and/or junior staff.

Smaller and mid-sized companies that have ‘right-sized’ during the past few years now often find themselves without the ability to generate and manage brand and marketing strategy. These organizations find themselves relying on loose business vision to push marketing efforts (with no translation), or worse, allowing graphic designers and other creatives to ‘handle’ marketing and brand strategy.

In either of these cases, our project-based approach may not be the best solution.

For these organizations, Cohesion offers a more hands-on offering — an approach that works on a ‘day-to-day, sleeves-rolled-up basis.’ Here, we can function as a full-service agency, or in a number of hybrid/custom ways as an adjunct to existing staff. We are extremely flexible and can easily conform to your existing resources. Options include:

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