Project-Based Services from Cohesion: Buying specific skills and tools for specific needs.

Since 1999, Cohesion has developed project-based strategic and tactical services that carry a clearly defined scope of work, and a clearly defined budget. One project; one cost. No hourly fees to worry about; no overcharges to surprise.

While most clients engage us to develop marketing and brand architecture as a foundation for longterm agency work, some prefer to buy our services on a ‘project-only’ basis. Whether engaging Cohesion on a strictly strategic basis, or purchasing tactical services and tools, we insure that clients receive the strategic guidance and direction on which we’ve built our reputation.

For a list of services from Cohesion, visit here.

For those clients that have ongoing and/or longer-term needs, we also offer a number of retainer-based services.

To learn more about how our project-based services can benefit your organization, please contact Brian Creath, president of Cohesion at 314-276-5383, or at