Example Engagement Overview

Cohesion. | Example Engagement Overview A lot of people ask how we get to the core of brand, marketing, communications strategies and issues to develop comprehensive platforms and architectures. If you’re interested in learning more about our approach, simply provide the information below and we’ll email you a sample overview of a typical Cohesion engagement.

Experts in the Business of, “Why You?”

Cohesion is a Brand Agency. But really, our business is dedicated to constantly asking and answering the simple, yet complex question: “Why You?” Why is yours the brand they should buy? Why should customers care when you introduce a new product or service? Why are you different? Why (and how) are you relevant? For every […]

Brand Agency Seeks Account Person

WANTED: Mid-level marketing agency account person with strong project management skills for growing brand agency (http://cohesioncompany.com). We seek full-time employment, but will consider alternative part-time arrangements for the right candidate. Will also consider a wide range of potential candidates: 2-5 years of experience preferred If you have more experience, other opportunities exist. Interested candidates should […]

Survey: Building a Better Cohesion

The worlds of brand, marketing and advertising are changing at an ever-increasing speed. Any consulting firm or agency that says (or thinks) they have it all figured out is, well, not being completely honest. What we do know is that the answers are out there, but they need to be heard and applied. That’s where […]

Suntrup Volvo

Suntrup Volvo: 2013 Radio Campaign (:15’s) •  Mmm, Mmm, Good. •  Couldn’t You Find A Restroom? •  I Hope It’s Not War And Peace. •  Drinking, Pornography and Driving Don’t Mix.     Volvo Out-of-Home(This work not only won Clio’s and several other national awards, it helped increase sales in a major metro market by 200% […]

We Build and Guide Your Message Through the Right Tools and Audiences.

We Build and Guide Your Message Through the Right Tools and Audiences. Cohesion develops research, strategy, messaging and creative direction. Organizations are accustomed to engaging marketing vendors when a tactical need arises, but sometimes skeptical or apprehensive about hiring one for critical strategy and messaging needs. And yet, this is often where the real need […]

Corporate Entertainment Strategy

Does your organization have hidden entertainment value? Are you wasting marketing dollars on non-productive and out-dated efforts? Perhaps it’s time to consider building an Entertainment Strategy. St. Angeles Entertainment, the sister company to Cohesion, will develop a plan that transcends the limitations of traditional marketing and public relations and build new opportunity for your company […]

“Yes, We Work With Agencies, Too.”

Cohesion originally began as an advertising agency. Today, some of the same agencies that Cohesion once competed against now hire the brand & marketing consultancy, according to Brian Creath, managing principal of Cohesion. “A lot of people still think of us as an agency and that’s just not who, or what we are,” says Creath. […]