Part Agency. Part Consultancy. All Business.

Today’s business faces a variety of strategic challenges. Increasingly fickle customers. Pressure to digitally transform. Disruptive competitors. And a marketing and media landscape that literally changes by the day. At Cohesion, our focus is on getting to the core of your challenges and solving them with every single means at our disposal. Click here to […]

By The Way, What’s Your Story?

At the height of the great recession, many organizations quickly responded by trimming fat from budgets. And in no area was that more quick (and deep) than in marketing. Consequently, many of these organizations began to live with leaner budgets. Even as the economy recovered. Even as their postioning and messaging slipped into demise. Because over […]

Building The Internal (Employee) Brand.

In a seminal Harvard Business Review article, entitled, “Are The Strategic Stars Aligned For Your Corporate Brand?”, authors Mary Jo Hatch and Majken Schulz pointed to the shift in product-driven (external) brand thinking to more comprehensive, corporate brand thinking that seeks to drive and align internal brand with external brand, through three points of alignment: Vision, Culture […]

Brand: Our Critical Point Of Focus

Mention the word brand in a meeting and trust us, you will have as many opinions as there are people in the room. One of the most maligned and misunderstood of all business concepts, brands have, unfortunately, become most associated with the ‘stuff’ surrounding them. Logos. Taglines. Ads. But a brand is more than its exterior ‘skin.’ […]

New Marketing Path Series • 2013

Cohesion proudly announces its complimentary white paper library, The New Marketing Path Series: 2013. It is intended as a rich resource for clients, prospects and partners to use in their specific brand and marketing efforts. First in this series: ‘Beyond Survival: Brand As Competitive Edge in Today’s Business Environment.’  Cohesion: The New Marketing Path Series […]

Time to Revisit Your Story?

As our collective understanding of today’s ‘new normal’ continues to evolve, many companies are beginning to once again take a look at who (and what) they are. Competitors have shifted. Categories have evolved. People have moved. Through these changes, many organizations are now in need of a more tightly defined position. Perhaps you know a […]