Short-Format Videos That Drive Marketing And Social Media Engagement

Video content is on the rise. According to a recent HubSpot post, including video on a landing page can increase conversion rates by 80% and 92% of mobile video consumers share videos with others. In 2012, we introduced Big Shot, a short-format business video service. Recently, Big Shot upgraded its back-end process to create an even better user […]

Finding The Few, Critical Words That Define Your Purpose.

Maybe it’s a mission, or vision statement. Perhaps its a brand positioning, or tagline. Maybe you need a new descriptor line to define a category that has shifted, changed or evolved. In all of these instances (and for many more situations), the need is clear: Summarize business direction, business opportunity and human appeal into a few, […]

Why You Need To Evolve Your Brand.

Why You Need To Evolve Your Brand. Brand positioning is about finding relevance. If you don’t currently have it, it’s time to find it. We work with a number of clients that are completely comfortable with their existing brand identity and design, but know they need to shift their positioning and/or tagline and the infrastructure of the […]

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When Do Clients Hire Cohesion?

Since 1999, Cohesion has worked with clients across the country to build, strengthen and manage brand assets and marketing strategies. During that time, our firm has learned a lot about the key brand and marketing needs of clients and the issues that impact them most. How to frame them; how to solve them. Below, are […]

Not-For-Profit Brand And Marketing Development.

Since 1999, Cohesion has worked with a number of not-for-profit organizations to structure, direct and manage numerous brand and marketing efforts. Many of these organizations lack a formal internal marketing function and in these cases, our firm often functions as the lead marketing resource, working with boards and management to translate objectives into action. This […]

The Business of Marketing Direction

It’s an age-old argument: Which is more important, strategy or execution? The answer, we believe, is they are equally important and the question is moot. But in the real world of marketing practice, execution usually wins this debate. As today’s concept of marketing leans more and more toward technology and tools, marketing departments, agencies and […]

In Praise Of Radio (Traditional & Digital) Advertising.

Something funny happened on the way to the future. Radio is holding its own as a primary advertising medium. While local spot revenue and network revenue showed slight year-over-year decreases from 2014-2015, digital radio and off-air (think live promotions) showed substantial increases. Streaming radio, podcasts and other alternative digital radio venues have all shown increased usage […]

Meet The Tagline Experts.

No firm has more expertise than Cohesion in the development of successful positioning lines.  While many firms give lip service to this critical marketing element, the science and art behind the development of positioning lines (which sometimes become Tag Lines) have slowly eroded. Today, long-term critical thinking and solid writing have too often given way to poorly […]