Art of the Re-Brand.

Categories shift. Products change. Channels disappear. Sometimes, you simply need to adjust and evolve to meet new tastes, trends and interests. Brand positioning is about finding relevance. If you don’t currently have it, it’s time to find it. Since 1999, Cohesion has helped more than 120 brands ‘re-brand’ and otherwise re-position meaning, direction and messaging. Some […]

Why You Need Brand Architecture.

Like many of our clients, you may be challenged with a multitude of brands, products, subsidiaries and corporate brand initiatives. Maybe, you have a single, ‘monolithic’ brand, but that brand needs to bridge to a variety of disparate audiences, who each carry differing points of view and relate to your brand in differing ways — and to […]

Brand Development: People-As-The-Difference Organizations

Our clients come in many shapes and sizes, from just about every category of business. B2C. B2B. And every hybrid in between. Since 1999, Cohesion has helped position and manage more than 100 brands across the country and throughout the world. But in a recent study of our work, we came across an interesting area […]

Marketing Gurus Are Giving The Really Good Ones A Bad Name.

Have you noticed an increase in the number of marketing gurus? Geniuses and visionaries, too. Perhaps you’ve also noticed that these labels are often self-proclaimed, or bestowed by a book publisher or publicity firm. Funny. The smartest people I’ve ever met in marketing never considered themselves gurus, or geniuses. Then again, they were too busy successfully practicing […]

I Just Need A Logo And A Tagline. Or, What Is A Brand, Anyway?

  Far too many people are taken in by the bright and shiny — the style of something over its substance. Used car dealers have known it for years: You can sell a faulty car for more money if you repaint it, first. Unfortunately, the same thing happens all too often in the world of brand development. For […]

Linking Your Value Proposition to Everyday Content

Much of the work we do centers around building core marketing strategies, brand platforms and content/messaging architectures. Key to this work is our process of integrating existing business and marketing guidance tools — such as mission, vision and values efforts, value propositions and brand promise work — into a cohesive tool that assembles and articulates […]

Dignity Has A Voice | New Work

Dignity Has A Voice was created to tell the real story of adults with the most significant disabilities and their families, who choose employment in sheltered workshops. Every day, sheltered workshops help hundreds of thousands of adults across the country, experience the pride of success, the dignity of being valued and the fulfillment of accomplishment. […]

Quick Facts | Cohesion.

Since 1999, Cohesion has been helping clients better direct and manage brands, marketing and content. For more information, please click on the ‘Quick Facts‘ overview, below:

The Content Architecture Experience

(Click the above image to download full presentation.) Are you winning the content marketing battle? A recent study found that the number one obstacle in creating content is the lack of a clear strategy. Learn more about Cohesion’s unique business, brand and content integration approach.

Branded Content: Direction & Development

Since 1999, Cohesion has been directing and developing content efforts for companies large and small. But different from companies who simply provide content, our efforts born of our expertise in brand and marketing strategy and platform work. Whether we’re developing website content, social media content, or other forms of digital or traditional content, we leverage our […]