An Open Letter From Cohesion

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Is Marketing Losing Its Value In Your Organization?

In the past few years, we have recognized a disturbing trend not always obvious to many companies: Marketing is losing its perceived value. Fueled to a great extent by technology, this trend can be attributed to many factors, resulting first and foremost in the growing separation between business and marketing strategy. It’s a trend being fueled by […]

Who’s Minding Your Message?

You have marketing agencies. You have internal marketing/communications resources. You may even have a PR firm and a digital shop at your disposal. You’re churning out a lot of work. But your business is complex. With multiple brands, products, services and marketing assets. In categories that are changing daily. Facing competition from non-traditional players. With […]

Technology Migration: Start With Content

So, you’re about to embark on that next big technology project. Perhaps its an enterprise-wide new intranet. A digital asset management system. The launch of a new app. Or, a brand new website. As you dream about the efficiencies and savings your new technology will create, don’t forget the one element that can successfully tie […]

What’s Your C-Suite Story?

The world’s of brand, marketing, technology, PR, social media and internal communications are colliding at an astonishing rate. As the tools we use to disseminate information become scattered and less personal, the opposite is true for the message itself. No where is this more true than in C-suite messaging. Employees, suppliers, partners and customers have […]

Content Is A Lousy Word For Something So Important.

Content. The word stems from the Latin ‘contentum’ (plural contenta) meaning ‘things contained.’ As in, “here’s a box, fill it with some stuff.” Or, more to the point: “Here’s a website, fill it with some words, pictures and video.” When the IT world began integrating with the marketing communications world some years ago, both sides rushed […]

Design Focus vs. Strategic Focus

Communication on-the-whole (and marketing in particular) is increasingly driven by visuals and not words. This is not to diminish the power, nor the importance of the written word, but simply to state the obvious fact that the model has flipped from ‘words first’ to ‘visuals first.’ Globalization, multi-language organizations, the web and a pervasive belief […]

Strategic Narrative: The Story Of You

As positioning and messaging consultants, our work is a constant search for Context and Relevance. First, “What is the Context?” (Where does the issue/opportunity ‘sit’ within the overall landscape of issues, trends, beliefs, perceptions, etc.) Second, “Is this Relevant?” (Does anyone care about this; does it really matter?) And so, in this business of framing […]

The Marketing Value Chain: Where We Focus

Unlike numerous agencies, digital firms and design vendors that attempt to be all things to all organizations, Cohesion is a ‘starting-point’ consultancy: We know our value in the marketing chain — and it’s at the beginning. Our best, and highest value is in helping organizations articulate and platform successful positioning and messaging for business/brand issues and opportunities. […]

Why Organizations Hire Us For Positioning And Messaging

Whether it’s the big, top-down “reshape our brand architecture and develop all of the subsidiary brand positioning and messaging” corporate effort, or the more focused “tweak and update our position and message” exercise, Cohesion is perfectly suited to partner with organizations both large and small. Since 1999, we’ve utilized our marketing direction approach to position […]