A Positioning & Messaging Consultancy

Since 1999, Cohesion has been helping organizations develop stronger brand and marketing platforms – whether the organization currently has a marketing staff of 50, a network of outside agencies, or no marketing resources at all. At Cohesion, we build marketing direction. It’s this focus on ‘the work behind the work’ that defines our consultancy and provides unique value for our growing list of clients.

Constant Relevance. To our way of thinking, that’s the current and future value of the combined efforts of brand, marketing, communications, PR, social media and more. To learn more about this point of view, visit here.

Cohesion is a positioning and messaging consultancy: focused on the critical work of marketing structure, brand positioning, communications architecture, user/customer experience mapping and content development — the critical work that happens before and behind the development of design, creative and digital execution. The foundation work that guides marketing technology and tools to work more consistently and efficiently. The more complex the challenge, the better our approach works.

Our model is flexible: We can function as a highly specialized strategy consultancy. Or, expertly handle select advertising, marketing/communications, digital and media chores. What makes us truly different from other firms? Our focus on, expertise with, and process for, leveraging BRAND to create new relevance and revenue for our clients.

Today, Cohesion boasts an impressive array of Fortune 500 and midsized clients across the US. We are a purposely small group of versatile experts that take enormous pride in our innate ability to distill complex situations into simple and elegant solutions: whether we’re providing those for a Fortune 500 company’s corporate brand effort, a new product launch, or the marketing effort of a small business.

Delivering The Right Message At The Right Moment In Time. 

At Cohesion, we successfully blend the worlds of brand development, marketing strategy, customer experience and content development. Utilizing an architecture process first developed in 1999, Cohesion’s work now spans to include brand & marketing strategy, brand architecture, customer/user experience mapping and precise message and content development. We develop ‘the work behind the work,’ providing unique value to our growing list of clients.