The Future Of Marketing:
Constant Relevance.

After years of study and many more of experience, we have arrived at the only point of true value for marketing's future: Constant Relevance. Without it, there is no revenue and there is no growth — because there is no interest. No understanding. Without constant relevance, businesses and organizations simply fade away and die.

What’s Your C-Suite Story?

The world’s of brand, marketing, technology, PR, social media and internal communications are colliding at an astonishing rate. As the tools we use to disseminate information become scattered and less personal, the opposite is true for the message itself. No where is this more true than in C-suite messaging. Employees, suppliers, partners and customers have […]

Content Is A Lousy Word For Something So Important.

Content. The word stems from the Latin ‘contentum’ (plural contenta) meaning ‘things contained.’ As in, “here’s a box, fill it with some stuff.” Or, more to the point: “Here’s a website, fill it with some words, pictures and video.” When the IT world began integrating with the marketing communications world some years ago, both sides rushed […]

A Positioning & Messaging Consultancy

Since 1999, Cohesion has been helping organizations develop stronger brand and marketing platforms – whether the organization currently has a marketing staff of 50, a network of outside agencies, or no marketing resources at all. At Cohesion, we build marketing direction. It’s this focus on ‘the work behind the work’ that defines our consultancy and provides […]