Your Message Can Be Your Difference: A Proven Development Process.

First developed as a method of harnessing disparate brands and messaging for a Fortune 1000 company, our process has now been successfully employed more than 180 times by companies large and small. To drive critical business, brand and sales messaging; to create a foundation of efficiency and growth. For large and complex, top-down, corporate brand assignments. For smaller, single-brand efforts. For organizations just like yours. >>Read more here.

Is Your Message Too Complex?

If yours is like many of the complex organizations we work with, your messaging faces a vast array of audiences, issues and internal brand architecture. Which means that creating individual messaging for brands, products and services can be quite a challenge. Unfortunately, many organizations tend to create individual messaging that, 1) attempts to communicate complexity […]

Our Business: Marketing Direction

Since 1999, Cohesion has focused on the development of positioning, messaging and strategic narratives for a wide range of Fortune 500 and many smaller organziations. Ours is the business of marketing direction: a strategic niche different from research firms, marketing agencies, design companies and digital shops. Our highest value is at the very beginning of the marketing value […]

What’s Your C-Suite Story?

The worlds of brand, marketing, technology, PR, social media and internal communications are colliding at an astonishing rate. As the tools we use to disseminate information become scattered and less personal, the opposite is true for the message itself. No where is this more true than in C-suite messaging. Employees, suppliers, partners and customers have […]